Friday, December 13, 2013

My Natural Hairstyles!!

So lately I been trying alot of different hairstyles to see which ones I love and could do without. I have been natural since July 15, 2012, it was a choice I made when perms no longer will take on my hair. So now 1yr and 5mths later I'm now fully embracing it. If you noticed my hair is colored only on the top which I dyed back in March, I'm still debating when I want to dye my hair again. Since I am taking HairFinity vitamins to grow and strengthen my hair. If you can tell they pictures at the top are older and the ones to the bottom are newer and you can see how much my hair has grown since taking the vitamins because you can no longer see my dye once inside a style as before. So here are some of they styles I have rocked in the past months.

Fresh wash(above) & detangled and pulled back(below) 11/13

After wash(top left), flat twist(top right), the take down(bottom)

Wash and pulled back into a bun 07/13

3 day old bantu knot outs 10/13

a high twist bun using Outre 100% Kanekalon hair 12/13 

A double bun with one bag of Xpression 1B Kanekalon braiding hair 01/12/14

Monday, September 2, 2013

My New Healthy Start!!

Herbalife Level 1 Beginner plan

   So I have decided to take my health serious now. Since 2008, I have let my health and weight just plummet. I ate whatever, whenever. Literally!! So now at 27 years old I want to take a completely different stand, which is a stand for my health. I did a lot of inquiring around looking for the best diet that would fit my work schedules, between working corporate and being an entrepreneur my days get very hectic. My eye opener came when I looked at picture of me that was taken less than a year ago(my profile pic) and then looked at myself now and realized my face alone I didn't recognize me. So one of my classmates from grade school was on his Facebook showing the results of him losing weight on Herbalife and his results were amazing. So I contacted him and asked him the benefits and side effects to Herbalife. He also is a distributor for Herbalife and for his clients he offers a fitness camp called Grind Time Fitclub where he focus on cardio, strengthening, and proper dieting. The Herbalife diet which consist of Level 1, 2, & 3 nutrition, shakes, herbals, vitamins, teas, and fiber/protein snacks.

Senior year 2004- 132 lbs 

   I haven't always been my ideal weight. From birth I dealt with weight issues and it has always been a big issue for me. When I began middle school I was chubby and overweight for my age. So in the 7th grade I began to play sports, Volleyball and Basketball was my sports of choice. Within months I lost the excess weight and had my peers around me wondering what did I do to get the weight off. Lets just say I didn't eat big meals and I only ate one time a day. Not proper dieting for a teenager, but I was enjoying the results. By my
Senior Year 2004- 132 lbs
high school era I was small and wasn't worried about dieting or keeping fit even though I played volleyball, basketball, and track & field my weight was never an issue. My freshman year at Prairie View A&M University I gained 15lbs not the normal freshman 10lbs, sophomore year I gained another 15lb and didn't even recognize myself at the end of the year. In the summer of 2006, after my sophomore year I made a change about how I was treating my body. So I went on diet that I once was on my senior year of high school when I needed to drop the extra weight to be on the starting lineup for the volleyball season. So I start back taking Stacker 3 XPLC to help with my cravings and appetite. It work, I lost all of the 30lbs plus that I gained those two years in six months. At the end of 2007 I became pregnant again, but the first was a miscarriage and I didn't gain any with that pregnancy even though I was 3 1/2 months when I lost my baby in April 2007. I gained 20lbs by March 1st, 2008 and since that pregnancy I been on the downfall with my weight. I have a gained a total of 113lbs in 5yrs and with that weight gain came depression, isolation, and self-esteem issues. I have clothes that I have bought and haven't popped the tags on.

January 2013- 232 lbs

February 2011- 210 lbs  

So Herbalife was my final choice after sorting through numerous diet plans trying to see which one fits me well.. Right now I am into week five of my diet. Week 1, I lost a total of 5lbs, which I believe was water weight but hey no complaints I will take it. Lol! Then in the beginning of week five I ran out of product, so I had a minor setback but maintained my diet. So as of right now I have lost a total of 10 lbs. Which I am proud of myself but I know I can do better if I make the proper adjustments and time to get my much needed workouts in. That's seems to be my biggest issue is finding time to get my workouts in, since my schedule is so hectic. Below are some of the foods I eat along with my favorite exercise machine. When I do workout its for 45 mins on the machine, 3 reps of 10 with upper body arm machines, 150 crunches, and 25 lunges, and fitness camp every Mon/Tues evening, and Fri morning. So this is a beginning to a NEW ME, NEW LIFE, and WONDERFUL TIMES.

Herbalife Peach Tea with Crystal mix burns up to 300 calories alone
Grilled Tilapia, spinach, & Herbalife tea

After long intense workouts
August 2013- my workout madness 

July 2012- 208 lbs Before I
started working at my current
September 2012- 224 lbs 

Herbalife products and info can be found at
Houston area distributor LaQuentin Robinson contact along with info about 
Grind Time Fitclub:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keeping Things Fresh!!

So this year I basically stated that I will try a little better on keeping my hair done and taking great care of myself. Lets just say that's been hard due to corporate america, my non profit organizations (D&H Foundation for Houston's Youth), and of course my freelancing business. So yes, I stay a busy person. Like right now I'm doing this blog from my work desk computer.

So Saturday morning I decided to take down my quick weave to wash and deep condition. Not to mention to also let my hair breathe from being in a cap for a whole month. To my amazement my hair has really grown(pics coming soon) since I dyed my hair back in August 2012 and March 2013. I only dyed my hair to see how much my hair will grow with proper care while going through the transition phase. Which will make a year this July. Now I have came out of pocket more this year on my hair than anytime before. My hair is not cheap!! That means natural and weave. Lol!! So hear are a few pics of my new do courtesy to my twin brother Herbo tha Divo. He lays my hair right and keeps my hair tight!
At my cousin wedding (before take out)

Hair washed and blown out 

After blow out and flat iron 
My everyday look for work 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anticipated Trends of 2013

Red Signal

Smashbox Be Legendary: True Red $19.00
Available at Sephora
Red lips are in this year.  So break out your red lips and reveal the inner diva in you.

Eyeliner Stricking

NARS Eye Liner Pencil  $22.00 each
Available at Sephora 

It’s a downtown look that went a bit uptown at Chanel where makeup artist Peter Philips created striking contrast with his jet black liner by swiping on a platinum shadow over the lids. This look is to make any face pop with a bit of contrast.  IT'S THE BOLD MEETS BEAUTIFUL!!

Lushes Lashes

MAC False Lashes $20.00
Available at MAC
ILLAMASQUA Lashes $12.00
Long length/Black
Available at Sephora

Its all about full, thick, and volumnize lashes. You can enhance by adding lashes or you can use a mascara to add the fullness and volume to your lashes. 

The Bold and Beautiful Brow


MAC Eye Brow Pencil $15.00
Available at MAC 
MAC Veluxe Brow Liner $19.50
Available at MAC

My favorite is the Bold and Beautiful Brow... No need to explain just look at the beauty and definition of these brows.

Skin All Aglow

Cover Girl Bronzer $5.75
Copper Radianc

Available at Walgreens, Target & Walmart

Bronzers are the key this season. It can come in lotions, sprays, powders, or minerals, but a glow is a must have for 2013.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


As I welcome in the new year, I also want my Dolls to know that I wish them a wonderful and prosperous year. With any goal you set and obtain, I want you to know that you can achieve anything, move many mountains and have anything you set your heart out for. Don't ever let anyone tell you that "You can't" or "You won't" be able to do this or that. They are blockers, people that placed in your path to hinder and test your faith. I had many of them out my career and I can say most of the time they won, but as I grow and become more confident I look at it differently and realize now I want it more. So in 2013, I won't stop, slow down, be deterred, or even encouraged about my goals and I want you Dolls to do the same. I wish and hope for you all to empower each other and don't tear each other down. So this year I will bring you more blogs, more tips, more of my work, more videos, more giveaways, and more of the World of Makeup. DO IT BIG or GO HOME is my motto in 2013.

XoXo MbP