Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keeping Things Fresh!!

So this year I basically stated that I will try a little better on keeping my hair done and taking great care of myself. Lets just say that's been hard due to corporate america, my non profit organizations (D&H Foundation for Houston's Youth), and of course my freelancing business. So yes, I stay a busy person. Like right now I'm doing this blog from my work desk computer.

So Saturday morning I decided to take down my quick weave to wash and deep condition. Not to mention to also let my hair breathe from being in a cap for a whole month. To my amazement my hair has really grown(pics coming soon) since I dyed my hair back in August 2012 and March 2013. I only dyed my hair to see how much my hair will grow with proper care while going through the transition phase. Which will make a year this July. Now I have came out of pocket more this year on my hair than anytime before. My hair is not cheap!! That means natural and weave. Lol!! So hear are a few pics of my new do courtesy to my twin brother Herbo tha Divo. He lays my hair right and keeps my hair tight!
At my cousin wedding (before take out)

Hair washed and blown out 

After blow out and flat iron 
My everyday look for work