Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MAC Cosmetics vs BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation Review

So today I decided to try out the BH Cosmetics liquid foundation line against my MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation. The MAC foundation price is $24 and the BH Cosmetics foundation price is $3.98. As you can tell already there is a big difference in price. As everyone should know its never about the price, it's about quality. My foundation color in MAC is NW35 and in BH the Deep Beige. When opening the BH foundation from the packaging I already was in love with the bottle. It came with a pump something the MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation does not have, but the testers in-stores do. So you end up using more than you should or accidently spilling it while in the process of doing your makeup. The difference between the foundations are their consistencies, the MAC is thinner and less oily, and the BH Cosmetics is more thicker and a little oilier.  When applying both foundations on my face I saw that the BH blended well for a less expensive brand. With the MAC I had to apply another layer because it was thinner than the BH brand.

The results came out perfect and I couldn't tell the difference between the two products after application. On the right side is MAC and the left side is BH Cosmetics. I finished the application with a thin layer of loose powder to set the foundations. Then continued with my blush and bronzer. 
The eyeshadow is from the BH Cosmetics 120Palette  4th Edition and the Smokey Eyes Palette. 

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