Friday, January 13, 2017

MbP Makeup Haul!!


Hi Luvs!! So today I will be doing a quick blog on products in my makeup kits that I just adore and use a lot. Yes, I have more than one, actually more like 5 small ones and 1 large pro kit. I am the type of person when I use a product and love the results I will use it constantly till I find another product that will give me the same results if not better. So sometimes I buy products I like in bulk because of the constant use of them.

So here is my mini haul for the summer part 1:
*MAC eyeshadow- Everything that Glitters 
*MAC Prep+Prime-  Natural Radiance 
*MAC Studio Fix Concealer- NW35
*Sephora Kabuki- Large 
*MAC Eyebrow pencil- Spiked
*Cover Girl Bronzer- Copper Radiance 
*Makeup Forever Mascara- Smokey Extravagant
*NYC Lipgloss- RLG 34 Real Nude
*MAC Blush- Sweet as Cocoa 
*L'Oreal Extra Intense(Liquid Eyeliner)- Black
*BH Cosmetics 120 Eye Palette- 4th Edition
*BH Cosmetics Neutral Eye Palette
*Face Secrets Dual Brow/Lash Brush
*BH Cosmetics Concealer & Corrector- Dark
*MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation- NW35
*MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation- NW35

I know it may seem like a lot but knowing me, I could have added more to the list but I'm going to give it to in two parts this time. I just love adding new pieces to my collection. Most of these items was purchased straight from the retailer and my lower end products I purchased at Wal-Mart.

Over the past year I incorporated a lot more lower end products to my collection. Some works just the same as the higher end products. One thing I believe in is giving my clients a preference of which products they would like for me use. Certain skin types do well with certain products. Not all products work on all skin types.

So check back at the end of the summer time for me to give you Luvs part two of the summer time haul. I will also be giving the fall preview lineup of products within the next couple of weeks.